So, that was 2020. 

There’s not much to say about the Year of the Plague that hasn’t been said elsewhere, so I’ll try to stick to the personal notes. 

2020 was a strange year for me, as it was for pretty much everyone on the planet, and yet it was also oddly normal. Seeing as how I’ve been writing full time for the past three and a half years, working from home due to Covid-19 didn’t upset my world as much as it did virtually everyone else. 

When the first lockdown came into effect back in March, my wife suddenly found herself working from home. Like everyone else, we thought it would only be for a few weeks until the world got its shit together and we got a handle on this pesky coronavirus thing. 

Of course, we all know how that turned out. A few weeks turned into the rest of the spring and the entire summer, and my wife only ended up returning to the office in the fall, and even then it was under the new guidelines that are now in effect everywhere (masks, social distancing, etc.). 

While the race for vaccines went on, and people tried to acclimate to our scary new world, I started work on a short story called “The Dead Girl’s Sleepover.” Over the weeks and months — while my wife turned our dining room table into a workstation before finally moving into the guest-bedroom-turned-home-office — the story grew into a novelette, and then into a novella. When it was finally finished it had become a 75k novel. 

It’s a very different story for me, but I’m pretty happy with it. No idea when, or if, it will ever see the light of day. It’s been so damn long since I’ve had a book out that I’m kinda done with talking about the future of my writing career. If you’ve read any of my previous year-end reviews, I imagine you are as well. 

On that front, all I will say is that I’m still working, still writing, still trying my best to “make it.” I’ve got an excellent pair of agents who really believe in my work, and I actually do have some pretty cool stuff happening in 2021. I just can’t talk about it yet. Story of my life! 

Speaking of which, my 2020 ended on a rather pleasant note, with a very big story sale that came in right on December 31st. Unfortunately I can’t tell you about that yet, either (sorry!).

This is my way of saying that I can’t complain about my current situation. Especially as far as the pandemic goes. Many people have it much, much worse, and although I am the furthest thing from a religious person, I am definitely counting my blessings. 

I’m married to an incredible woman, my best friend and the most incredible person I know, and someone who managed not to murder me during the lockdown of 2020. I’m still writing and I still love it. And I’m still excited by all the stories I have yet to write. 

2020 sucked for a lot of people, and while it was no picnic for Kathryn and I, we are very lucky, very fortunate, and if we have any virtue at all it’s that we know that. We have great family and friends, and we look forward to seeing them all in person again very soon. 

Take care, folks, and be safe. 

See you on the flip-flop. 


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