In 2019, I read 34 novels, 20 novellas, and 180 short stories.

Instead of limiting my favourites to lists of ten or fifteen titles, I’ve included everything I liked. (As usual, not all of these were published in 2019.)

Favourite Novels

Black Mountain — Laird Barron
American Elsewhere — Robert Jackson Bennett
Burglars Can’t Be Choosers — Lawrence Block
Fellside — M.R. Carey
The Black Angel — John Connolly
Chasing Darkness — Robert Crais
The Forgiven Man — Robert Crais
Come Closer — Sara Gran
Afterparty — Daryl Gregory
My Heart Struck Sorrow — John Hornor Jacobs
The Institute — Stephen King
Gidget — Frederic Kohner
Moonlight Mile — Dennis Lehane
Boy’s Life — Robert McCammon
Black Fairy Tale — Otsuichi
Behind Her Eyes — Sarah Pinborough
Dreadnought — Cherie Priest
Monkey Beach — Eden Robinson
Résumé With Monsters — William Browning Spencer
Wanderers — Chuck Wendig

Favourite Novellas and Novelettes

Six Months, Three Days — Charlie Jane Anders
The Ghoul Goes West — Dale Bailey
The Butcher’s Table — Nathan Ballingrud
6/6 — Ray Cluley
Errantry — Elizabeth Hand
Faun — Joe Hill
The Sea Dreams It Is the Sky — John Hornor Jacobs
Hammers on Bone — Cassandra Khaw
Tainaron: Mail From Another City — Leena Krohn
The Autopsy — Michael Shea
And This Is Where We Falter — Robert Shearman
All Reality Blossoms in Flames — Simon Strantzas

Favourite Collections and Anthologies

The End of the End of Everything — Dale Bailey
Wounds — Nathan Ballingrud
Creeping Waves — Matthew M. Bartlett
Errantry — Elizabeth Hand
Full Throttle — Joe Hill
A Lush and Seething Hell — John Hornor Jacobs
All the Things We Never See — Michael Kelly
Furnace — Livia Llewellyn
You’ll Know When You Get There — Lynda E. Rucker
Nothing Is Everything — Simon Strantzas

Favourite Short Stories

“The Bluehole” — Dale Bailey
“The Horror of Party Beach” — Dale Bailey
“I Married a Monster from Outer Space” — Dale Bailey
“Keller’s Horoscope” — Lawrence Block
“Keller on the Spot” — Lawrence Block
“The House That Jessica Built” — Nadia Bulkin
“Wish You Were Here” — Nadia Bulkin
“Bloodchild” — Octavia E. Butler
“Barcode Jesus” — Brian Evenson
“Virtual” — Brian Evenson
“The Dark” — Karen Joy Fowler
“Bait” — Michael Kelly
“A Guttering of Flickers” — Michael Kelly
“Some Other You” — Michael Kelly
“Allochthon” — Livia Llewellyn
“The Last, Clean, Bright Summer” — Livia Llewellyn
“Worlds That Flourish” — Ben Okri
“This Time of Day, This Time of Year” — Lynda E. Rucker
“Who Is This Who Is Coming?” — Lynda E. Rucker
“Shades” — Lucius Shepard
“Ghost Dogs” — Simon Strantzas
“It Won’t Go Away” — Paul Tremblay
“Something About Birds” — Paul Tremblay

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