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NBC Buys Haunted House Drama From ‘Paranormal Activity’ Writers & Vertigo

NBC is developing a haunted house procedural drama from a team with genre credentials, Jason Pagan & Andrew Deutschman, writers on the fifth Paranormal Activity movie, and Vertigo Entertainment, whose credits include the A&E’ series Bates Motel and The Grudge horror movie franchise. Universal Cable Prods. is the studio.

Written by Pagan & Deutschman, The Eight is based on the short story, The House on Ashley Avenue, by Ian Rogers. It is set inside the High Risk Claims Department of an AIG-like insurance company – a small secret unit that specializes in insuring haunted houses. After the death of the company’s enigmatic Founder, the department is forced into a high-stakes race to find The Eight – a mysterious group of properties, hidden across North America, connected by a terrifying and powerful force.

Pagan & Deutschman executive produce along with Vertigo’s Roy Lee and Michael Connolly.

Pagan & Deutschman also wrote Project Almanac for Paramount, which was produced by Platinum Dunes, and have drama Run and Gun in the works at USA Network. They are repped by WME, Underground and attorney Andrew Horwitz.

Vertigo Entertainment, which also produced the Oscar-winning movie The Departed, is producing the TV series reboot, which is being developed at Amazon.

NBC’s veteran supernatural drama, Grimm, is coming to an end this season but the network is not abandoning the genre, introducing new drama series Midnight, Texas in midseason.

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