The novel is finished.

I wrote every single day from November 4, 2015 to March 22, 2016. Final word count: 124,762 words. 493 double-spaced pages. This is a first draft, so that number will come down in the rewrite. But it’s done!

Now, time for a drink.

Oh, and the book is called The Underwood.

First draft of "The Underwood"

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Random Writing Quote

"Now I have things to say in my books – but it's all below the surface, and I don't set out with a conscious theme. I just set out to tell a story. If there's anything else in there, that's cool. If the reader gets it, that's great. If the reader sees something I didn't intend, that's wonderful. But the important thing is that they get to the end of it, and they don't feel that I've cheated them."
Charles L. Grant

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