The novel is finished.

I wrote every single day from November 4, 2015 to March 22, 2016. Final word count: 124,762 words. 493 double-spaced pages. This is a first draft, so that number will come down in the rewrite. But it’s done!

Now, time for a drink.

Oh, and the book is called The Underwood.

First draft of "The Underwood"

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Random Writing Quote

"If you’re a newcomer submitting to top-drawer anthologies or magazines, you need to bear down, work hard, and get about as serious as a heart attack, because the simple truth is that your story doesn’t have to be as good as the submissions from the “name” writers you’re competing against, it has to be BETTER… and I’m talking better by a long shot, not by a hair. Otherwise, why should an editor take a chance on you, an unknown, rather than give the slot to an established pro with a name readers will recognize when they eyeball the table of contents page? (Simple editorial equation: name recognition = Joe Reader reaching for his wallet. It may not seem fair, but that’s the Law of the Jungle when it comes to selling short fiction. Get used to it.)"
Norman Partridge

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