In 2015, I read 43 novels, 26 novellas, and 225 short stories.

Instead of limiting my favourites to lists of ten or fifteen titles, I’ve included everything I liked. (As usual, not all of these were published in 2015.)

Favourite Novels

The Darkest Part of the Woods — Ramsey Campbell
14 — Peter Clines
The Monkey’s Raincoat — Robert Crais
The Acolyte — Nick Cutter
From Russia, With Love — Ian Fleming
Gone Girl — Gillian Flynn
Horrorstör — Grady Hendrix
The Friends of Eddie Coyle — George V. Higgins
Darkness on the Edge of Town — Brian Keene
Finders Keepers — Stephen King
The Bottoms — Joe R. Lansdale
A Fine Dark Line — Joe R. Lansdale
Last Days — Adam Nevill
Clementine — Cherie Priest
The Damned — Andrew Pyper
Ruthless — John Rector
The Score — Richard Stark
A Head Full of Ghosts — Paul Tremblay
Annihilation — Jeff VanderMeer
Authority — Jeff VanderMeer
Acceptance — Jeff VanderMeer
Futuristic Violence and Fancy Suits — David Wong
Westlake Soul — Rio Youers

Favourite Novellas and Novelettes

Skullpocket — Nathan Ballingrud
The Visible Filth — Nathan Ballingrud
Water for Drowning — Ray Cluley
Rub-A-Dub-Dub — Kurt Fawver
What Do You Do?
— Gillian Flynn
A Terror — Jeffrey Ford
Mother — Philip Fracassi
Painted Monsters — Orrin Grey
Burn Cards — Christopher Irvin
Her Deepness — Livia Llewellyn
Burnt Black Suns — Simon Strantzas
One Last Bloom
— Simon Strantzas
Ghosts in Amber — Jeffrey Thomas
Life Work — Jeffrey Thomas
The Curious Affair of the Dead Wives — Lisa Tuttle

Favourite Collections and Anthologies

Gateway to Abomination — Matthew M. Bartlett
The Night and the Music — Lawrence Block
Women and Other Constructs
— Carrie Cuinn
Fearful Symmetries — edited by Ellen Datlow
Forever, In Pieces — Kurt Fawver
Painted Monsters & Other Strange Beasts — Orrin Grey
After the Apocalypse — Maureen F. McHugh
To Usher, The Dead — Gary McMahon
The Moon Will Look Strange — Lynda E. Rucker
Ghosts of Punktown — Jeffrey Thomas
Worship the Night — Jeffrey Thomas

Favourite Short Stories

“Hinterkaifeck Again” — Nick Antosca
“The Atlas of Hell” — Nathan Ballingrud
“The Worms Crawl In,” — Laird Barron
“With the Angels” — Ramsey Campbell
“Shark! Shark!” — Ray Cluley
“About the Mirror and Its Pieces” — Carrie Cuinn
“The Last Love of the Infinity Age” — Peter Darbyshire
“The Spider” — Hans Heinz Ewers
“A Wish from a Bone” — Gemma Files
“The Old Pageant” — Richard Gavin
“Walpurgisnacht” — Orrin Grey
“Persistence of Vision” — Orrin Grey
“Strange Beast” — Orrin Grey
“The Muffled Drum” — Kenneth J. Harvey
“The Spindly Man” — Stephen Graham Jones
“Episode Three: On the Great Plains, In the Snow” — John Langan
“Ymir” — John Langan
“The Bull Ring at Blisston” — Elmore Leonard
“The Only Good Syrian Foot Soldier Is a Dead One” — Elmore Leonard
“In the Year of Omens” — Helen Marshall
“The Good, Light People” — Gary McMahon
“The Other Tenants” — Gary McMahon
“The Woman in the Wood” — Daniel Mills
“The Three Resurrections of Jessica Churchill” — Kelly Robson
“In Death’s Other Kingdom” — Lynda E. Rucker
“These Things We Have Always Known” — Lynda E. Rucker
“The Storyteller” — Robert Shearman
“On Ice” — Simon Stranztas
“These Last Embers” — Simon Strantzas
“The Hungry Stones” — Rabindranath Tagore
“Good Lord, Show Me the Way” — Molly Tanzer
“Telling” — Steve Rasnic Tem
“Notes from ‘The Barn in the Wild’” — Paul Tremblay
“Closet Dreams” — Lisa Tuttle
“Sticks” — Karl Edward Wagner

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"Writing short stories is infinitely harder than writing a novel. But you get ideas that just won't support a novel, and besides, I like to write short stories. They're fun. And they make you practice your craft with a lot more diligence than a novel does. In a novel you're tempted to run around a lot, but in a short story every word has to count. So it's good practice. And practically speaking, it help keeps your name out before the public when there aren't any of your books out."
Charles L. Grant

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