In 2015, I read 43 novels, 26 novellas, and 225 short stories.

Instead of limiting my favourites to lists of ten or fifteen titles, I’ve included everything I liked. (As usual, not all of these were published in 2015.)

Favourite Novels

The Darkest Part of the Woods — Ramsey Campbell
14 — Peter Clines
The Monkey’s Raincoat — Robert Crais
The Acolyte — Nick Cutter
From Russia, With Love — Ian Fleming
Gone Girl — Gillian Flynn
Horrorstör — Grady Hendrix
The Friends of Eddie Coyle — George V. Higgins
Darkness on the Edge of Town — Brian Keene
Finders Keepers — Stephen King
The Bottoms — Joe R. Lansdale
A Fine Dark Line — Joe R. Lansdale
Last Days — Adam Nevill
Clementine — Cherie Priest
The Damned — Andrew Pyper
Ruthless — John Rector
The Score — Richard Stark
A Head Full of Ghosts — Paul Tremblay
Annihilation — Jeff VanderMeer
Authority — Jeff VanderMeer
Acceptance — Jeff VanderMeer
Futuristic Violence and Fancy Suits — David Wong
Westlake Soul — Rio Youers

Favourite Novellas and Novelettes

Skullpocket — Nathan Ballingrud
The Visible Filth — Nathan Ballingrud
Water for Drowning — Ray Cluley
Rub-A-Dub-Dub — Kurt Fawver
What Do You Do?
— Gillian Flynn
A Terror — Jeffrey Ford
Mother — Philip Fracassi
Painted Monsters — Orrin Grey
Burn Cards — Christopher Irvin
Her Deepness — Livia Llewellyn
Burnt Black Suns — Simon Strantzas
One Last Bloom
— Simon Strantzas
Ghosts in Amber — Jeffrey Thomas
Life Work — Jeffrey Thomas
The Curious Affair of the Dead Wives — Lisa Tuttle

Favourite Collections and Anthologies

Gateway to Abomination — Matthew M. Bartlett
The Night and the Music — Lawrence Block
Women and Other Constructs
— Carrie Cuinn
Fearful Symmetries — edited by Ellen Datlow
Forever, In Pieces — Kurt Fawver
Painted Monsters & Other Strange Beasts — Orrin Grey
After the Apocalypse — Maureen F. McHugh
To Usher, The Dead — Gary McMahon
The Moon Will Look Strange — Lynda E. Rucker
Ghosts of Punktown — Jeffrey Thomas
Worship the Night — Jeffrey Thomas

Favourite Short Stories

“Hinterkaifeck Again” — Nick Antosca
“The Atlas of Hell” — Nathan Ballingrud
“The Worms Crawl In,” — Laird Barron
“With the Angels” — Ramsey Campbell
“Shark! Shark!” — Ray Cluley
“About the Mirror and Its Pieces” — Carrie Cuinn
“The Last Love of the Infinity Age” — Peter Darbyshire
“The Spider” — Hans Heinz Ewers
“A Wish from a Bone” — Gemma Files
“The Old Pageant” — Richard Gavin
“Walpurgisnacht” — Orrin Grey
“Persistence of Vision” — Orrin Grey
“Strange Beast” — Orrin Grey
“The Muffled Drum” — Kenneth J. Harvey
“The Spindly Man” — Stephen Graham Jones
“Episode Three: On the Great Plains, In the Snow” — John Langan
“Ymir” — John Langan
“The Bull Ring at Blisston” — Elmore Leonard
“The Only Good Syrian Foot Soldier Is a Dead One” — Elmore Leonard
“In the Year of Omens” — Helen Marshall
“The Good, Light People” — Gary McMahon
“The Other Tenants” — Gary McMahon
“The Woman in the Wood” — Daniel Mills
“The Three Resurrections of Jessica Churchill” — Kelly Robson
“In Death’s Other Kingdom” — Lynda E. Rucker
“These Things We Have Always Known” — Lynda E. Rucker
“The Storyteller” — Robert Shearman
“On Ice” — Simon Stranztas
“These Last Embers” — Simon Strantzas
“The Hungry Stones” — Rabindranath Tagore
“Good Lord, Show Me the Way” — Molly Tanzer
“Telling” — Steve Rasnic Tem
“Notes from ‘The Barn in the Wild’” — Paul Tremblay
“Closet Dreams” — Lisa Tuttle
“Sticks” — Karl Edward Wagner

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