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Lindsay Post, October 30, 2012

Read the full article, “Halloween release for local’s horror stories.”

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"...I don’t like [limited editions]. I think they are books for rich people and they’re elitist and the whole idea of limiteds... there’s something wrong with it, you know. The idea that people want a book that they can kind of drool over or masturbate on, I don’t know what it is they want with these things but it’s like they get this book and it’s this beautiful thing and they go like, "Don’t touch it, don’t... oh God it’s worth a thousand dollars, he signed it" and all this and my idea of a book that I like is when someone comes up to me at an autographing and you got this old beat-to-shit copy of The Stand and they say, "I’m sorry it looks this way" and I go like, "I’m not". It means a lot of people have read it and enjoyed it."
Stephen King

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