It goes without saying that I’m excited to see my first book published later this year. But I’m even more excited that it’s being done by a quality (and Canadian!) press like ChiZine Publications.

So, as a member of the Chi-family, I was very happy to hear that ChiZine recently announced an agreement with HarperCollinsCanada for book distribution in Canada and digital distribution worldwide.

I was also happy to hear that after much demand, ChiZine is now offering a subscription service. I’ve been to conventions with ChiZine, I’ve hung out at their table in the dealers room, and I can personally attest that this is something people have wanted for a long time. 

So if you sign up now you’ll get all of the incredible books CZP will be releasing this year, including my own collection, Every House Is Haunted. (Yeah, yeah, it’s a shameless plug, but just a little one!)

Speaking of which, if follow me on Twitter, or if we’re friends on Facebook, then you know the editing process on my book has recently begun. My editor is Helen Marshall, a talented author in her own right, and she’s been an absolute delight to work with. I’ve never had a problem with people criticizing my work, especially if it serves to make it better, but there’s a special kind of creative reaction that takes place when you work with someone who truly gets what you’re trying to do. Helen gets it, and her revisions and suggestions are nothing less than spectacular.

Folks, I don’t mind saying, when it comes to this book, I think you’re in for a real treat.

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"Some writers swear by the group method. They believe in workshopping a story. I don’t. Oh, I’m not saying it can never work. I know it does… sometimes, for some writers. But I don’t believe that writing is a team sport. I believe in creating a solitary vision. That’s what works best for me, and that’s what drives most of the fiction I admire. When it comes to my fiction, I’m not open to debate. I don’t want to defend my stories through discussion as if they were doctoral dissertations. As far as I’m concerned, any defense necessary should exist in the words I’ve already set down on the page. If I haven’t done the job there, any additional explanations I might offer aren’t going to convince anyone. It’s like trying to explain a joke. My time would be better spent getting back on the page and trying again."
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